When a soldier dies

As I stare at the coffin,
tied in my Nation's Flag...
I look at my father,
"What happened?" Asked I,
my father looked away
and paused to regain his strength;
"It's difficult to say
for a soldier myself...
The world's a little poorer,
for a soldier died today.
The value of his survice
I must explain,
for a nation is nothing
without a Soldier like him.."
I listened in awe as my father spoke,
It seemed as though his heart were broke...

I remember that day when my father bid me goodbye,
for a war he had to fight...
When he returned,
I never asked why he walked with a limp,
didn't care why he was often sick.

My eyes fell on a flying paper,
World cried,
for a politician died
of old age..
"Why doesn't the world Mourn for a soldier?" innocently asked I
"For a soldier is born to die"
Said my father with teary eye.

When countries are in conflict,
then we find the soldiers part,
to clean up all the troubles that
the politicians start...
When a soldier dies,
He won't be mourned by many
Just his wife and his family..
But when a politician dies,
Thousands note his passing
And proclaim that they were great
Tales of there stories, from young age are sung...
Passing of a soldier goes unnoticed and unsung
and is paid off with a medal
and perhaps a pension, small.
If we cannot do him honor,
while he's here to hear praise..
Then at least let's do him homage,
at the end of his days..
Perhaps with a simple headline
"Our country is in Mourning
For a Soldier died today."

I saluted his coffin
as they laid him to rest...
The Khan, the Sharma, the Singh
Who not so long ago died,
Just like him..
They are part of this land now,
Every step, every breath we take,
Has remains of him,
Who led us free...
For a soldier is not bron to Die
But rather to Live for the country.

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