When All Becomes The End

When there was nothing I would stare at the empty sky/
I would often think to myself/
Sometimes I knew the world but most of the time/
I didn't know anything about the way things turn out/
When all there ever was would be Faith/
It was all there ever would be when there was nothing/
Still now I think to myself in all of the world/
Knowing the way things turn out/
It leaves me with more questions than answers/
Earlier in my life I should have troubled a prophet/
I know because I've seen more then I can explain/
Something tells me you have as well/
So it makes two of us but we're not the only ones/
Feeling the cares of this world/
Knowing the way things turn out/
Someone comes along at the right time/
Bringing with them answers/
Answers to questions asked in private places/
Therefore in Gods' perfect timing/
And so shall it be as we were once newborn spirits/
Then comes the end of us the dark and silent ghost/
But in all this time will forever we have/
Everthing there ever was/

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