When All Hope Is Lost

It seems that I am stuck in a cycle in a motor.
This is with all hope is lost not yet maybe sober.
It's because the economy is lost in exhaust to pay the cost.
I sever pain to my life its inane thoughts.

It's with no happiness with come number one.
The stress that's so disastrous it cannot be done.
It's eating away my brain this is the think.
This time all I have along with this blink rather sink with this new found pain.

That will never go away I believe to think.
I'm not thinking that but I am daydreaming it was none of the above.
What is love?
I don't know it.
I see myself gone through over with this life on the moon
after soon that's my life.

I disappear in the night from this gloom of a world
devoid from the doom.
I will be alright there away from here and everyone else could die.
Then only when my acme appears life will have begun.

The blessings from the sun have been since growing.
I slow my way to success knowing I will.
I ever to live see that day accomplished yet so if I committed to lord
Leviathan rest.

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The same without hope is given up.