When all is Lost

when all is lost
and all is dark
the feelings are the host
and it's in my heart

the beating of my pulse
and the dryness of my lips
whatever pain i feel
is just darkness

when the sun comes up
i feel the same
and i worry
that the broken lines are to blame

When i look at myself
I see darkness
But i am what i am

I am the darkness.

I look away in hopes of love
But nothing finds me
Nothing but hatred
Hatred for reality

Is that all I have left?
Hatred for my action?
Certainly not!
I have compassion.

Compassion on myself,
And to those who wronged me.
Maybe a time will come
When they see what I see.

That nobody is the same.
We are all as we were.
Just a footprint in the place
Where we all come together.

But, maybe that's the point.
Maybe that's our end;
Not to change,
And not to mend

When I say goodbye
To the blades of grass,
To the dirt nd the sky.
Nothing will be missed.

For I found the light.
Light in the darkness.

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