When Broken

Tears flow from swollen, burning cracks,
Too tired and weak to swallow it back,
Thoughts once known to be sweeter,
Are now broken, bruised, and ruthlessly bitter,

Memories shifting shape are slowly slipping,
Hopes and dreams are swiftly withering,
On wings that are all but stiffly decaying,
Seen seared, skinless, and sickly swaying,

Walking moments drift into nightmares,
Fleeing from things that risk repair,
Waiting for the end of our ripping tear,
Finding that instead it's all we can bear,

Too beaten without a scratch,
Too scared to face the black,
Too scarred without a word,
Too blind to find the cure,

When will it come to mind,
That the thing we strive to find,
All that keeps us alive,
And the only cure to what's inside,

Is something we can't bear to reach?
Sometimes there is no soft ending,
Sometimes the coward within is always winning,
Sometimes... your chances are spent and fading,

So if your search turns to obsession,
Turns what you are into a cruel monster of oppression,
Turn around and breathe your confession,
In the presence of none but yourself,
Come out of the hole of depression,
Even when regret will always be felt,

Wipe your slate clean and begin again,
All you can do is hope that one day they'll understand.

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