When Darkness Approaches

Cold places turn into dark spaces
Running into endless races with slow pacing
Old faces turn into new races, with no chasing
Flower vases are empty with no traces
Embracing misplacement in our own birth places
Feeling displacement we decide to erase it
Just in case we deface it, nothing can replace it
Nothing was the same, so there's no reason to change it
There's no reason to take the blame
I just stood in the rain, while the sky was in pain
Feeling happiness feigned, while my anger banes
I often confuse my brain, am I really okay?
I consider myself a grain, placed in my own lane
Keeping away from dark days just to stay sane
Build me like an airplane, hoping I will fly away
Trying to not complain, it would leave me to explain
There is nothing more humane, than being inane
Because the world has free reign to be great in their own way
No matter who feels disdained
I have control over my domain
I'm just trying to maintain everything
No matter how much chaos I bring
I just need to stay focused and pray
I capture the sunlight when darkness approaches my way

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