When Darkness Meets Light

There once where lovers, who were torn apart.
Their love so profound they where one at heart.
But she lived in the light and him in dark
Realms combating, just to make past mark.

They would sneak to the edge of dark and light.
They held their love together through the night.
But the girl stopped coming, and just vanished
He was afraid that she became banished.

The man of darkness, dashed off to find her.
He would do anything for his lover.
He mixed light and dark, making something new.
He finely found her though it was taboo.

He found her singing a bitter melody,
And gazing in her arms very dreadfully.
For a sad child lay there half dark and light.
They could not give up, they must make this right.

They prepared a new world, just for this child.
Their love was now completely exiled,
For he now became the moon of night,
And she was the sun that ruled the daylight.

This is exactly how it came to be,
That moon and sun watch over you and me.

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