When Daylight Ends

Stumbling, falling, running, crawling,
making my way almost through the day.
Upon the rooftops I try to stay,
for lurking below, monsters violently play.
When night does come, the demons will run.
After me they'll chase, so I must find my place.
The sun now setting has got me fretting,
stone crumbles underfoot as I jump from roof to roof.
Heart beat races, breathing in faster paces,
fearful combination, hyperventilation.
My eyes trace the path of the stone that falls,
as it rushes past blood stained walls.
It lands at the bottom with those who've fallen,
I must keep on my path, slip not to feel the wrath.
The sun drops below the horizon,
left in the dark my hope is siphoned.
I jump for a ledge, but miss my footing,
one hand holds on, at me their looking.
Now the demons emerge, rising from their nest,
their sinister growl echoes, throughout my chest.
Dark eyes locked on me, as I climb and become free,
the chase always begins, when daylight ends.

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