When Everything Goes Wrong

What do you do when everything goes wrong?
When the people you thought cared were snakes in the grass all a long
When everything is taken from you and you have nowhere to go
Sleeping in your car realizing you've reached your ultimate low
Having no one to call or a shoulder to cry on
Where are the people you used to rely on?
When everything goes wrong you have no choice but to sit and think
You get deep in your emotions as the days go on you continue to sink
Wondering why me why can't I ever catch a break?
If I were a Richter Scale I'd probably be a level 9 quake
They say blood is thicker than water, I don't believe that to be true
They're usually the ones always hiding something from you
I found out I was adopted at age 23
I found the letter at 12 but my mom said "It's just a joke" to me
When I was 13 I lost my virginity
That same boy fractured my nose and put his hands on me
DWI at age 24, I had alcohol on my breath from the night before
Car not insured and license suspended
I was sleeping in my car the action was not intended
The shelter wouldn't even take me
It's like some presence out there was trying to break me
When everything went wrong I thought of how my actions got me there
Now that I'm doing better I see everything so clear
I now appreciate why everything went wrong
Everything I've been through shaped me to be this smart and strong.

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