When healing called…

When Healing Called...
At night, I do not speak to God about
you anymore
I do not ask that someday
he’ll make you return.
I pray to him, that
he’ll watch over you,
Because Lord knows you need protection.

I've learned that no one will ever
love you the way you love them.
I learned that being with someone was only
a want , never a need.
I 've learned that sometimes,
God breaks you in order
to build you into something stronger.
I've learned that your mind has to be
stronger than your heart so,
I've asked the Lord for all the strength
he could give,
strength to let go of what could've been

I have taught myself to stop
looking for the good in everyone,
especially when they don't deserve it.
But now I understand that putting others
First, has taught them that I come last.

So I forgive through it all
because I am happy,
I am hurting,
but I am healing

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