When I arrived to the United States

When I just arrived in the united states for me,
It was very difficult because I was coming from
Mexico, and i didn't know how to
speak English but it took me like three to four years to learn how to
speak English, and when I arrived in the United States
I was like nine years old,And they put me in elementary
school they put me in fourth grade but I used to missed a lot
with friends in elementary school, I missed a lot
in elementary school because I didn’t care how I was doing in
school and I remember that in elementary, school
I got in trouble a lot of times, and I even got a lot of trouble in my first year
in middle school I remember that my cousin had to go to my school,
go watch me in class I was behaving even horrible than elementary
school, But in seventh grade I decided to do my work and
get good grades, I said to myself it’s time to stop missing
about and I started doing my work in school so, I can be someone
when I get older and so in seventh grade up I have
pass all my classes I even passed two times eight grade because, they
left me two years in eighth grade because my grammar teacher, talk with my cousin and she
told her I wasn’t ready for high school, and i’m kinda mad Cause this year
supposed to be my last year.But as you can see i’m doing in great in school
i’m passing all my classes and I understand good the
English language.

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