When I fall for you

When I fall for a you.
I am full yours.
You have my heart.
It will be only for you.
I will tell you how beautiful you are.
Every morning I'll tell you that I love you.
You will be my first thought.
I'll say I love you before I go to sleep.
You will have my last thought.
That is when I fall for you.

If you fall for me.
I'll give you flowers at random times.
A kiss you when you lest expect it.
As well when we say bye for the day.
Hellos will be flowed by anther kiss.
Open all doors for you.
I'll cook a special dinner for every night.
When your cold I'll hold you.
My hand will hold yours all day.
I will pick you up with a big hug.

When we fall for each other.
Will be one in love with each other.
We'll do anything to just be next to each other.
I'll hold you all night long.
You will sleep lying on my chest.
We will dance under the full moon.
holding each other durning storms.
Our souls will now be one.
We will have a loving family.
Because we love each other.

I may not have much.
But what I do have is yours.
My body and heart.
Mind and soul.
Forever with my love.
That I will promos you.
For we are made for each other.
We are true lovers.

Shaun D. Weller

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