When I Fell in Love with Music

I fell in love with this girl when I was only thirteen
I had the woman of my dreams but all she wanted was my virginity
I gave her what she desired and she left my world vain
No one could be there for me or understand my pain
I sat down looking at the broken pieces of my heart
I had already died in my mind even from the start
Constantly reminisced on the times that we shared
Asking my friends if this lady really cared
Wondering why I took the chance, what made me even dare
For me to end up heart broken and lost in despair
I went away for a while, listened to the sound of music
I put my hyper-boles together so everyone else can do it
She became my new love where I can exaggerate
She was the voice of my feelings that helped me to be great
I hear only myself
People around me too
My days became more ever-present and nothing felt blue
I dreamed many dreams and prayed to have this ability
Through my new lady love you see my strength and humility
I write what I want, I say what I feel
I let my new lady be my drug that can only help me to heal
I put drums, bass, and keyboards to my new lady's beat
Then I grab the mic and my lady takes control
I fell in love with music and that's what made me whole

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