When I Finally Stopped Thinking

When I finally entertained the possibility,
that I might not be the center of the Universe
I thought the moon would disappear from the midnight sky,
the sun would cease to rise and set,
the wind stop blowing,
and the fish would stop swimming in the sea.
It was devastating when nothing happened.

But then again,
I was only five and still took myself quite seriously.

When I finally stopped thinking
that I was the center of MY Universe
the wind blew my mind all the way to Pluto
the waters of my blood sang Hallelujah
and my nerves sparkled with the light of the sun.

By then I was 35 and it was time for miracles to happen.

When I finally stopped thinking - period -

you opened the door to your secret room
invited me in, and ravished me,
until I realized that very idea of me or you
or a separate universe
was utter Nonsense.

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