When I Heard The Violins

When I heard the violins
It was like a new light.
I had been in the dark,
Alone, not winning the fight.
But when I heard the violins
And their soft, sweet sound,
I finally looked up
And I finally came around.
With the violins singing beautifully in my ears
I knew from then on
I'd face all my fears.
Not to say it won't be hard,
Not to say it's not tough.
But I'll be like a violin bard,
Showing off my stuff.
I'll hit the notes perfectly,
At least, most of the time.
I'll inevitably make mistakes
But at least I'll still rhyme.
Yes when I heard the violins,
The sound gave me hope,
And I'll play my own violin,
And when dirty I'll wash it with soap.
Yes I'll maintain my instrument,
I'll care for it completely.
Because I'll never forget the day when those violins, they freed me.

Copyright © Freedom M. D. Richter 2023

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Key Words : hope, faith, light, music, bravery, strength, love, care

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