When I Learned to Hate

When I was young, my roots started to find their way
My first friend and I knew we would not grow apart
But then a rainy day came and he ran away
On a fine day, I learned it was time to depart
The day I heard that mankind ruined my neighbors
Was the day my friends left and adulthood began
I brought children into this world that has traitors
And as I had hoped against, this world failed my clan
I’m very old and have seen mankind destroy all
I stand here alone, the last one of us around
What man has done has made me see we can’t stand tall
A person approaches me and slaughters me down
And as I fall, I see they have no respect for
the seedling I was, the forest I helped create
the tree I am, and the benefits of my trunk
I look back at the day humans taught me to hate

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