When I Look Down

I can see you, when I look down.

You rise with me as I prepare for my day.
You walk with me as the afternoon passes by.
You sleep with me as night comes around.
You go the whole day with me, when I look down.

When I feel angry, sad, or scared,
Or when I think I'm going insane,
When everyone else flees my space,
You stay right by me, when I look down.

When someone mocks me about the things I've done,
When I'm ridiculed with my indifference,
And I'm bullied by those who think I'm weak or wrong,
You always have my back, when I look down.

When I have something to say, but no one's around,
When I have no one to listen to my rambling,
And I find myself mumbling to myself,
You're still there, listening, when I look down.

If you weren't so secretive about your appearance,
Always shrouding your face from mine,
Rather it's light or dark out,
I'd say you look just like me, when I look down.

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