When I love you

When I fall in love.
You are the only one for me.
I can not stop thinking about you.
Your beauty is all I see.
That smile of yours melts my heart.

I have never meet some one like you.
Your kind, smart, and funny.
You truly an amazing girl.
For I have fallen for you.

I have a feeling deep in my heart.
A feeling that won't go away.
It hurts when I'm not with you.
All I want is to be with you.

I want to hold you hand on a long walk.
Sit be a fireplace siping a fine wine.
Relaxing by the pool with a cool beer.
I want to cook you a romantic dinner.
A dinner by the candle light.

I want to give you roses.
All I want is to see you smile.
For you are the most beautiful I have seen.
I can look at you all day.

I want to take you dancing under the stars.
To stroll with you under the full moon.
Looking out over the lake at the rising sun.
Holding you close to stealing a kiss.

I want to hold you in my arms.
To never let go.
To hold you all day long.
Cuddled up in my arms.

All I want is to give you the love you deserve.
The love I have for you.
I what to give you my heart.
Give you my loyalty, trust and passion.
Tell the end of time.

Now that I know you.
No one will do.
For you are the the one I love.

Shaun D. Weller

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