When I Loved You…

I wish I could compose our love.
I would make every day a fairy tale.
I wish every letter I wrote was a masterpiece,
so my thoughts could be immortal.
Baby, I wish our fights were music then
we could feel our hearts with a symphony.
They say love dies as time goes on, but
the only thing I could do was love you more.
The time we have shared is just a mere collection of vivid memories,
but the memories will forever be preserved
in my streaming tears and broken heart.
I wish I could explain that raging storm in my heart called love.
I wish I could rip out my heart and show you your name;
it was placed there by God and written with the sands of time.
Our love is like fire:hot to touch and warm to feel.
Baby, I swear it's only you and me,
and I hope it's like that 'til the very end.
Words can act as a witness, but
my mind, body, and soul can act as the truth.
If you promise me you will stay, I will let my pain die away.

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