When I pressed on the Accelerato

My cousciousness, my brain, my mind, nowhere to escape these unwanted lifelines.
Dark and deadly like an unfinished bridge without a "DO NOT CROSS" sign at night.
Wide awake yet not alert ; to attempt a breakaway and immaturely never succeed
Dazed and faint , i hear every voice; low pitched, snickers, laughters; yet never comprehend.
The words like a slur,like a whisper that cannot be heard;a treasure box thats been locked away,found,and cracked open
Now the curse has been set free to roam, to haunt, and to deceivingly slay.
Behold upon it, every simple common psychosis known to man; and i never ran
Caught in the headlights of this betrayel of beauty, i gave in and stepped into it's vehicle of traps.
As the edge came into view; ragged and rocky; it hit full speed and fell over the cliff.
To see or hear nothing clear ever again, locked in, frantic, and the pressure closing in
Twisted and entangled in the belts, i plunged towards what i await;every breath caught in my throat.
Finally a screech awakens me and i know my doom as i look into the rearview mirror
Red-eyed, maniacally laughing, a shake so loud and ear popping, truly and fatally harmonious.
As the crash erupts, silently, alas my curse, my doom, we intertwine as one
Yet nothing has clicked in reality; windows crack and doors jam into the seats
The battle was won and the war was lost; still no "DO NOT CROSS" sign is present at the risky road.

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