When I See Again

I remember the times,
Outside on the porch when the wind hit your chimes,
Laughter turned into crying,
You was always strong even when times were trying,
I know God took you to a higher place,
His love is so strong as we continued to embrace,
My broken heart,
Some mornings felt like it wouldn't start,
Remembering your love gave a jump-start,
Feeling apart,
My tears,
Placed me back into my happy state,
Roads traveled,
Your lost was a mystery raveled,
I could not understand at first,
Like knowledge my mind had thirst,
Asking God why take my anchor away,
As my world became the castaway,
I guess my time spent with you,
Wasn't never enough,
Because the effects are surely long term,
Staring at the magnolias every time I pass one by,
Or driving by your house,
Which ever brought a brief moment of joy,
Oh I know you was happy when my father said, "it's a boy".

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