When I Wake Up

And Here’s To The Perimeter Of Stars
That Alone Have No Boundary All Around Us
They Too Will Someday Burn Out & Exsplode!
In My Head Is This Beautifull Place!
Sometimes Only Touching It Seeing It
I Have To Be Asleep~Why Is It Soo Beautifull!
And Then I Wake Up* Exsploding It
Once Again The Memory Of It
Slowly Burns Out
Like The Stars All Around Us
Countless Hours Of Beautifull Memories
In My Head
Inside A Place I Can Only Dream About
But Why? Everything Is There
All You Have Ever Felt Touched Or Seen
That Was Soo Amazing In Your Eyes
& The Music Is Always Playing
Every Song You Have Ever Heard
That Has Touched Your Heart In Some Way
The Feelings The Rush! Its Always There
Constantley Flowing
And The Dream Goes On & On And On
Forever Neverending Beauty In My Head
The Thoughts You Think The Things You Feel
While You Are There They All Touch Us
In Some Way~Everybody! Then You Wake Up

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