When I Walk Alone

Third world countries, bare hands digging graves,
bottles and pills now, the revolution craze.
Suits wearing black now, wages not cutting the pay,
dumping pipes in the backyard, no more life ahead today.
How I have fallen, long enough to watch the innocent die for you.
No saints come with easy mercy
for the runners who know only to run, never to do.
The pastors arm themselves- hold those closest, guard the doors.
The fallen make their march into your town, this isn't us anymore.
Reactionary, reactionary, preach it, my patriot.
The streets are angry, fire burns too bright within the breathless.
This city of fallen angels grows weary while restless of the dark,
no bright angels emerge in the streets as cameras capture more '68.
Light the fire, I watch it burn, eat the words spoken too soon
for the water comes a moment late.
My brothers are running, to where they do not know.
My sisters are praying, to a Pilot that will not show.
When the rage comes, make them suffer,
let them feel the pain which they so ignorantly offer.
There are too young faces behind the boys in blue,
do they show fear, they cry too?
Puppets, let the name be true, they are what they are, what are you?
Trades for the dirty money, beating on broken backs,
riots in the streets now, too many poor on the tracks.
Big conference in the evening, deals going down in the night,
clean blood bleeding, where are my God-given rights?

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