When I was Stuck in Quarantine...


When I was stuck in quarantine,
My window to the world became my screen,
Perfect faces, perfect bodies...
I forgot what it was like to have a hobby.

My only constant was my family,
They were my only sense of real normality,
As time moved on, the closer we got,
They were able to pull me out of this spot,
This spot of insecurity,
This spot of self-hate,
I stopped eating for the sake of losing more weight.

Media was my friend,
Or so I thought,
It's dangers were hidden within my blind spot,
What's real? What's fake?
The line is blurred,
Now I know that the truth is always slurred.

We must let go of the anger,
Let go of the hate,
The world cannot continue on in this state...
Life is too short to see the world through a screen,8
Spread love, have fun...
And never forget our experiences in quarantine.

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