When I was Young

So foolish and dumb
I left my two young
I dont know what I was thinking
I feel so bad
to give up the life I once had
although it was not good
It was not that bad
I wish I knew than
what I know now
I think we could have gotten through somehow
I love them so much
but I hate myself more
for even opening that door
Although they are all grown up now
and all on there own
I got what I deserve
because Im all alone
Where was the love when they were young
It was so far away
and there life had just begun
I just want them to know
that I love them so
and if I could take it all back
I would never go
What is sorry
it's just a word
a word that they have already heard
A word I will keep saying until the end
and maybe in this life time
my relationship with them I can mend.

I can mend

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