When I was young

When I was young
I met a man
a man who told me a story
of love and loss
to be honest it was kind of boring
i had no time
for his silly lines
of memories i had no use of
for i was in my prime
and had no time
for his contrite stories of love
and his loss...his loss
was something I had already heard of
millions of times from others just the same
" This is what I have lived young one."
but what use was an old mans words
why do i find myself thinking
of his ponderings
i ask myself wondering
for sure enough i will live it myself
i think 'I have tasted this so called love.'
and it was also fleeting
the pain in my heart
it left me seething
i hated the way it left me
but when i had it
when it was for me
it was beautiful it was mine
it was all i could see
and i would shine
i felt free
i could truly be me
so i think of the time
when i was young
and i met a man
with a light in his eye
as he spoke of a time
that had began
and a part of him would die
at a drop of a dime
from a love that he had
that became a lie
for you i am dedicating
this my sweet old man
with your stories you told without hesitating
without asking if you can
Thank you

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