When It Rains It Pours

I will not cry unless it is behind closed doors,
because for me when it rains it pours.
Pick a scar on my body on the inside or out.
Sit back and listen to my stories how I never scream or shout,
because this world is so cold.
Tomorrow I will just be another day old,
closer to my death bed.
Maybe it is not a bad thing because I have nothing ahead.
Nobody cares, that is just the sad truth,
until you are buried and gone poof!
Like a magic trick.
Society has become so darn sick.
Everyday i wonder what has this world come to.
There is just nothing we can do.
The best advice I have taken was just be you and stay true.
Keep your head in the clouds and never look down,
there are people out there who would kill to see you frown.
They would laugh upon your misery and step all over your face.
Jealousy turns evil and they will try to get ahead of your pace.
So never lose hope and keep your strong faith.
Pray to your God and he will keep you safe.
Keep your circles small so you do not fall,
into the arms of the wrong person who will make you weak and crawl.
Have a big heart and pay it forward all the time.
For every good thing you have done later on you will earn a dime.
Believe in good karma, good things happen to good people.

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