When It Rains

When it Rains
The pain stays still for a while
Covered by the silence
Silence of you,
The silence isn't quite anymore
They're starting to notice it
When it Rains
The scares that were once there start to heal
Not covered by a bandage but covered by forgiveness
When it Rains
Your old pain turns into your new motivation
When it Rains
As in what hits you and turn your good days into wet muggy bad days
The sun doesn't shine
your rainy clouds are taking over
Your pain is returning
Your thoughts are arising inside and out
emotions are starting to show
When it Rains
Begging for help but your voice is not heard
When it Rains
Zalyea? Zalyea as in me
As in? As in who I am !
Lost, Confused, and troubled in her own emotions and pain
Yes I have been in the rain
stormy weather as I should say
though hell and back but my smile is left without a trace
Even When it rains...

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