When It’s Convenient

The phone started ringing, at 2 o'clock in the morning.
What could they say to me now,
that they couldn't called to say 2 hours ago,
who'd you want to speak to.
It's me baby, don't you know, i'm lonely and i miss you.
Everytime i crawl into bed and doing just fine all by myself.
She calls me late, out of the blue like she's out of breath.
How long have it been since we seen each other, more than a week ago but no more than two.
We just stopped seeing eachother all because of something stupid.
Hey baby can i come over there she said,
Awh man, if it wasn't for that friggin cupid.
Now i understand why they say, i'm so sick and tired of being so sick and tired.
Because of people like her.
Calling me only when it's convenient, you know this isn't gonna never work.
So what do you really want?
She said you baby i want you.
Then my mind said no but my heart said yes.
But less than two weeks ago she didn't even want to see me anymore.
Wait a minute did i hear you right, say that again and this time, say it like you mean it.
Baby come on now don't make me beg, because i will if that's what you really want me to do.
Alright i'm lonely i said and i really really miss you.
I must be awake, because it did kinda sounded sentimental.
Wait what's happening all of a sudden my heart agrees with my head.
Why can't i just be a man to be strong, especially now when i'm in the bed?
I thought it was over between us, but i guess now we get a second chance.
Alright you can come over, but listen don't waste my time or i won't let you in.
At 2:45 in the morning and this better be good.
It will baby believe me it will and that's what she said.
And i've learned my lesson out here and that i just really need you.
And i promise all this love is yours baby,
believe me baby i promise.
Then that's all i wanted to hear, that's all i needed her to say.
And maybe i am weak a man, at least i finally know.
Seems everybody who's close to someone will go through it,
one way or the other.
So this is what a relationship is really like huh?
Especially only when it's convenient.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about relationships. And without realizing it, how quickly it can change allowing the other person to come and go or see you when it's convenient.