When love blooms

It is not thy will to do such things, such things that breath nightmares but yet beautiful dreams in which it is always dark,
but is filled with the silver light of the ancient moon, that holds a passion we strive,
For that holds a promise, a promise that could not be kept for that night the moon had been cursed with a shroud of the tears that had escaped the past to curse that night,
A kiss, a single kiss that killed, it killed two things, a body and a soul,
A body that should have never been tortured the way it was, a body that should have not met this corrupted soul,
A soul that was cursed with a darkened moon never to see that silver light that it has to bring,
a soul that deserves to be tortured the way it is today,
A soul that will never see the silver light the moon had given it,
because it was destroyed by the sorrows of the past,
A body lost in the darkness,
A soul lost without a body.
I guess it is not thy will to do such things,
Such things I wish was thy will
Maybe it is thy will but your heart is scared of such things,
Such things that breathe light into what is always dark,
All it needs is a kiss,
A single kiss that will save a body and a soul,
A single kiss that can can take away the clouds that have cursed the light,
A kiss that can bring bring back the light of the ancient moon,
The ancient moon that holds a passion for which we strive,

Sadly though I do not know if it is they will
So there for i do not know such a kiss,Sadly though i do strive for that kiss
But the kiss happens and the space between our lips is no more and I strive for more if even for a second that is all I want.
And that is when love blooms..

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