When Love Comes

Love comes in many shapes and sizes.
Not everything is as black and white as people try to make it so.
Not everyone will understand unless they are in it to experience it.
Love cannot be explained, but can only be express.
Love can bring you joy.
Love can bring you sorrow.
What people perceive as love
is not what is always what it seems to be in reality.
Love can bring hardship.
Love can bring you peace.
Love can drive you crazy.
And love can make you weak, either in a good or bad way.
Love can be hidden in the weirdest place
where no one expects to find love in.
Its waiting for your loving embrace that no one else can do for them.
Love is something we cannot live without.
Love is not about sex.
Its about the binding of two souls who come together as one.
Sex is not necessary, but only an accessory.
Love comes in many shapes and sizes, but are you ready for it?

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