When Love Finds You

When Love Finds You

When love finds you, it may not be discovered in waterfalls and ocean's waves in a tropical paradise, or a blanket of the greenest grass- spread out as a carpet over the waters edge of a mountain stream.
Love is not convenient or charted through familiar waters: It makes itself known and makes it's plans; and comes and surprises you in it's gentle way: In it's own time.
It's found in the hidden places of the heart- where artists and poets live. Where love chooses its players and parts, and writes it's own script upon your heart.

When love finds you, it's script will be written for you, and you alone.

The auditions for your script are not set on the theater's stage. The players in your script will not learn their lines in a measured place. Their lines are born where fairy tales are born, and can't be found in a book. They reveal and expose themselves when the moonlight peaks through your window before you enter your nights sleep, or when the sun nudges you and bids you to awake and listen for your next line.

Are you listening?

True love plans your destiny and doesn't ask your advice. Love is not designed- void of magic. A magicians mirrored tricks can be exposed with a focused logic and detectives mind.
But love; with its hidden ways- are not so hard to find.

Self-made plans at a writers desk are crushed when a shooting star makes its way across your window and a touch of magic fills the air. As you turn and meet your lovers eyes- and nature's canvas sets him as in a frame-less painting, and it seems that Cupid has set your reservation this night, and your self-made plans are overruled.

This is your cue to listen.

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