When Negativity Is In The Mist

So many people in my life told me that I would never make it,
Oh, I have struggled indeed, have had many ups and downs in my life,
some even created excruciating circumstances for me that was unbearable,
although many times I felt like giving up on some dearest goals that I had,
it was with the hope of God deep within me, it was Him who kept me pressing forward.
Many times I've stumbled through life wondering how long these enduring pains of trials will
last within my life, being down and out, I still learned through lives trials to soar high and above my trials.
Though tossed and thrown with many of lives blows, being shattered and torn,
it is then that I learned not to give up on myself.
Though some things in life I have to give up and stay in reality, I don't have to give up on myself.
For it is the negativity point of views in my life that has quenched me the most and made a somebody
within me even when it was meant for my bad.
Though the negativity couldn't consume me, God's positivity within me kept me a flowing above and
through the trials and circumstances in my life.
It is when you seem to have failed the most that your failure can become a success twisted inside and
out, for it is through your failures that you learn to be turned into a success inside and out.
You see, success is simply a failure turned, torn and twisted inside out that helps us to become a success
in life endeavors. In the midst of negativity stay afloat even when the hardest blows of life hit you and
seem to overwhelm you the most.

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