When Self Love Concedes

Within the confines of insecurity
One would have me think I'm not enough
Though I value myself inside; sometimes the world calls my bluff
What I mean is
I question if I am attractive enough
But attractive enough for what?
I've had times when I wished I looked different
If I could just alter this or that; then I'd feel like everything
But what is everything on earth;
when God wants nothing but your heart?
Growing up was rough on my confidence
Maybe due to Love negligence
I couldn't quite find it
Hard to continue on when you feel like what you do is not enough
Because those around you are drowning in pain
And you're at an impressionable age
So, you internalize it
So, you begin to question yourself
Begin to rely on everybody else to give you what you need
So my love for self continues to concede
Because I can't seem to get enough of what I need
Though I've sought God, sometimes I still battle these things
Though I have God in me
I suppose I have to let the ways of the world go, completely

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