By Starmix   

When shall it really be?
When shall it be that I can hold your hands?
When shall it be that I can hold you tight?
When shall it be that I can whisper again?
The words that express love and romance
When shall be that day that I will know?
If there is love in return?
It is not the life that's unfair, but humans
Why let the heart suffer if there is love?
Why are you that weak to unveil the truth?
Speak out love, speak out your soul
To obtain peace and allow me to love again
In my dream, I saw you dance in gladness
You invited me to dance with you
We both dance with a dance that made our hearts smile and laugh
Only to know in my waking that you are no longer mine.

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Key Words : loneliness , longing for love

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    This Poems Story

    This poem is about love without love in return.