When Sleep Came To Me With Happiness And Left Me With Love

Because I could not go to sleep
Sleep came to me
He picked me up in a bed, and
Carried me through the night
With opened eyes to see
Dressed me in a silk gown while
I viewed the cities all around
He fluffed my pillow and put me
To lay
As my eyes focused on the stars
So far away
His kindness to me would always
Be one to remember
The realism of an appearance with
Love so tender
He then closed my eyes with a soft
Gentle touch
It was a heavy breeze strong and deep
But not too much
He covered me with all his power as
My body went limb
I soon lost feeling and couldn’t see a
Everything went dark, quiet, dull and
I was knocked out for the night
My eyes opened the next morning and
Looked around in despair
Everything was back to normal and
Sleep was no longer here
The journey had now soon come to
it’s end
But I’ll always wait on him forever and
Hope someday he takes me on that magical
Journey again.

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