When the Bandaid Comes Off

When the bandaid comes off, do you see what is under it
Do you notice the new part of your body
That grew to replace your old skin

Or did you notice the tears that rolled down your face
Because you couldn't hold them in any longer
The tears that say how you are really feeling inside
The tears that cover your face when you hate life
Or the tears that make your face turn red

When the bandaid comes off
Do you notice that you aren't who you thought you were
You aren't who you dreamn't of being
You aren't that strong little girl
And you are really the saddest little girl there is

Or did you notice the tears rolling down and off your face
Because you are super strong
And that you just need some help
The tears that you wipe away
The tears that show you are a person

The bandaid covers the wounds
The smile covers the feelings
The new skin reveals healing
The tears reveal a pained but stronger body

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