When the fairy lost her wings

Right here it was, when she lost her wings.
Right here it was, when she committed bad things.
I believed in fairies, I believed in her.
She was sweet and kind, and almost too pure.
Beauty rained from her every mark.
Her eyes seemed light, and her hair was dark.
Her wings were transparent, and ruby sparkled on her lips.
Like glass, she was fragile down to her fingertips.
Feeling one emotion, the emotion of lust.
She gave away her wings for one boy she’d trust.
He kissed her softly then broke her in half.
And as she lay dying he’d begun to laugh.
Tears of ice trickled down her cheeks.
She could barely move, she was much too weak.
The boy took her wings without care or regard.
Then left her for dead in an abandoned graveyard.
I wonder now how she could ever be so naïve.
I wonder how this boy could ever make her believe.
Why did she give away her precious spirit?
How could she let that horrid boy go near it?
The grace and innocence she once had is gone.
Banished by the fairies, as if she doesn’t belong.
Her hopes and dreams are unraveling like a ball of thread.
She chose lust over her wings instead.

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