When The Healer And The Hurting Collide


When The Healer and The Hurting Collide

Stories in scripture
Of people coming near
The Healer Himself
Of their wounds He would hear.

Jesus of Naz’reth
Great physician was He
The lame He made to walk
The blind He caused to see.

Some were laid by a pool
Paralytics by some were borne
A son now dead in casket lay
While one had a fleshly thorn.

There’s a woman at the well
With sin sick soul
Jesus went there
Just to make her whole

A daughter lay dead
In upper bed-room
“Jesus is hear”!
No need for gloom

The bleeding never stopped
Twelve years she was bereft
She just HAD to touch His garment
And from Himself virtue left

See that demon possessed boy
In Mark chapter nine
Jesus - the ONLY one
Who could make him just fine

There’s a woman named Mary
Yes - the one of ill repute
Jesus the Great Judge
Her sin He did commute

That fisher of fish - Peter
Who became a fisher of men
Denied the Lord thrice
But became useable again

Zacchaeus was his name
Collected everyone’s tax
He collided with Jesus
He was changed to the max

That thief on the cross
Who saw his great need
Trusted in the Healer
Of His mercy he did feed

Is it ailments of the body
Or sinful state of the soul
Addressing which is most important
To make one truly whole

Infirmities not wanted
Of this we all agree
But the healing of the sinners soul
Was even His greatest plea

My dear hurting friend
No matter your plight
Trust the risen Saviour
Your healing - His delight

True healing happens when-
In this you can confide
When Jesus the loving healer
And the hurting collide

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