When the Lion Roar

Our world is in pitiful condition But We make believe,love and go on,
instead of seeking Jah to change many shake hands with evil and walk in unison.
it will Be sooner than most can realize Time unexpectedly will Be at hand
yet many more will have disbeliefs until they witness the dissolving of the land.
The life We have shouldn't be wasted chasing vain thangs We can't hold,
these are for sure the ways of wrong and the repeating of the days of old.
To Be truthful and loyal in Our time causes some of Us to suffer and be hated,
But We must not deny Our god or His truth and light He sends to Be stated.
when people taunt and disrespect truth they only do so to their own hurt,
congregating to tell sweet lies to others while trying to conceal hearts filthier than dirt.
It benefits when seeking truth not to absorb without searching out everythang,
truth goes to parts We thought were hidden it will Be peace,love and pain it brangs.
Let's not be confused with everyday feelings which will come as many have went,
We all will know the contrast between man and the truth that Jah has sent.
the Lord's truth will clear all doubts so that We can rest assured,
Until Humans are cleansed in the Lord's showers We have yet to Be pure.
To Our world whose faith is mostly lip service Well,the Work is yet to Be done,
Stop searching for God amongst idols for Almighty Jah remaineth but one.
This world best work hard on reversing these sins above the clouds they now do soar,
These will bring about a terrible punishment from Jah,most assuredly When the Lion Roar! Amen

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