When the one I love is you.

Sometimes I don't know why I try so hard, as for nothing has worked out it seems.
I want to leave yet I stay it's nothing more than a dream.
All we ever do is fight anymore, and sometimes so angry I just want to walk right out that door.
Still there's hope that lives inside of me,From the life we both have shared and all these memories.
There was amazingly good times and there was bad ones too, but somehow this life has changed me enormously and I owe it all to you.
Thank God for differences the kind of different like you and I. Much the same yet so different we don't give up, and still we try.
But, still I can't help but see,That our love is real it's not fake nor make believe. But then I asked myself do I stay or should I leave.
I keep on looking for answers I once have asked.and my answer was I can't look forward to my future if I can't forget my past.
As I hold on tightly to the fading memories that we once shared, when there wasn't a single moment's doubt that you'd always be there.
In the beginning seems like there wasn't nothing that could ever tear us apart. Because I knew that even when we were separated I still held you in my heart. As life shall bring about us a change. As nothing will last forever, nothing will stay the same, I have had many struggles and hard times and no stranger to heartache nor pain.
I will go great lengths at any cost, To prove to you my love and my hope restored and is not yet lost.
Because when you love someone sometimes the love itself is not enough, That it can be a struggle keeping things afloat and keeping things together might seem a bit to tough. If at first you dont succeed try and try again, And only then will you rightly see where the troubles all began.
For some of us life is just a lesson, and for all the rest of us life will be a blessing.
You have the power to pick and choose your own battles, So what will it be? Will you be as tough as nails or leave your tears in the heart of the sea. But when this life as I know it is over I'll be heaven bound. The Angel's will sing rock of ages I love the way that sounds, no more searching the skies for answer to give my mind some peace ,I tread more carefully now as I caution about it with ease. About all of lifes little mysteries a story that's about to unfold. I can't wait to see how this 3 part story is set to soon be told.
It's hard to find that one true person that will set by your side who is your best buddy your pal your ride or die who will help you fight your battles and sail the ocean's tide. Most people I know will let you drown in your own pool of Tears they won't be a shoulder you can lean on and they'll want try to calm your fears.
For this goes without saying this is been my biggest weakness my only downfall you win some you lose some but you cannot win them all. My first heartbreak was an eye-opener the first time my heart was broken in to my experience was short-lived until I begin to build a wall around me that no one could get through and I swore I'd never take it down if it was the last thing on earth I'd do. And yet at times I find myself wondering with the question of is this love I feel for you even worth. The hell I've put myself through And my answer was just this every bit of love I feel is worth it when the one I love is you.
Poem written by Anna Marie McKellar November the 20th 2020

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