When The Sun Goes Down

When the sun goes down, the world seems so calm
A stillness washes over every living being
Squires retreat to their nests, animals to their dens
The moon and stars take over the night's lens
The sky turns orange, then purple, then black
A breathtaking sight, no one can deny that
The colors blend beautifully, painting the sky
As the sun sets, and the day goes by
The wind whispers gently, in the trees
As if they are telling secrets, to the bees
The night is peaceful, and time slows down
A chance to reflect, in the silence that surrounds
The day's hustle and bustle, fades away
And a sense of tranquility, comes into play
Nature takes over, in the most beautiful way
When the sun goes down, at the end of the day.

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This poem is about the appearance of the environment.