When The Sun Goes Down

Why won't you change for me?
It's too late now dear...
Whats done is done, and baby trust is over for us.
Fear and disappointment overcome love.
I can always forgive, but never forget the taste of your anger
flowing from my face. I see it in the mirror...
when I close my eyes.
And I try to remember not to do
the things I've done that made me deserving of such terror.
Your shadow over me remains even now when you're gone.
Will I ever be me again?
Now I am you, I am yours.
My mind is blank, my heart is sold.
Can't seem to think, I walk in the dark
Waiting and praying for the masters return.
Waiting for death..... Dying for freedom.....
Confusion overwhelming.
Please... Stop loving me. At least tell me so.
Make me believe you're gone and save me from you.
If you loved me you'd go...
you'd leave me to heal.
And you'd know it's whats best.
You'd know my pain, my fear.
And if your love was for me,
instead of just you......
Freedom is yours to give. I am a loyal follower,
my promise in blood. No, I won't go......
But if you love me......
You will.

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