When The Wind Is Still

When the wind is still and you clear your mind of
reason, of passion, of all who, what and why you are,
its there you will find the spirit. Close your eyes,
your mind, even your soul, for the spirit is of itself
and you are but its image, its reflection, disciple,
witness, accuser, prosecutor, jury, judge- its
crucifier. The mind knows only a world that must feed
off its own self to survive, while knowing all the
while it someday will die. The spirit knows a greater
truth, listen to the spirit. All things you have
learned and lived from the mind, war, famine, flood,
disease, bigotry, greed, heartbreak, not even a cross
was kept from you.
When the wind is still you need not wonder where it
comes from or where it goes, but that it is, in itself
is enough. If no one is righteous and flesh and blood
are not heirs, then neither the resurrection of the
body nor bones and ashes could ever add to or take
away the eternal truth of the spirit. The spirit is
perfect and complete, the spirit alone is God.
When the wind is still you find your greater prayer,
your greater baptism, not with words or water, but
with fire and an eternal Holy Spirit.

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