When the Winds Blow

Suddenly dark clouds cover the sky,
Rain begins to fall with an outpouring cry,
Thunder comes with a mighty sound,
Lightening flashes all around,
Winds begin to pick up like waves of the sea,
Trying to destroy you and me,
The strong winds of life try to blow us away,
During these strong storms we must constantly pray,
As long as we are built upon that Rock Jesus Christ,
No matter how strong the winds may rise,
We will stand through this storm called life,
And when the sun shines again,
We will be standing my friend,
While the rest of the world is in chaos,
Not a piece of our tabernacle will be lost,
While the rest of the world is in confusion and pain,
Those of God will rest peacefully through Jesus Christ Holy name,
So when the winds blow,
Hold on to Faith and never let go, Brethren
The end of a storm is always better than the beginning,
Please rest assured when the winds blow their is an ending,
And in Christ's name

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