When the World Screams Mercy

So when the world screams mercy and all turns to grey,
What'll we do then? What will we say?

Will we flinch with remorse or just simply grin?
Will we say, "I forgive you," or fall prey to sin?

Will their blood stain our hands, as our existence stained theirs?
And if they don't see it coming, well in war, all's fair.

And if they don't recall all the cruel things they did,
Then why should we have any fucks left to give?

'Cause they never thought twice about those two kids,
Who they laughed at, stepped on, and never once missed.

So if we want to alter and rip and destroy,
The world of that girl and that scared, lonely boy,

Then don't stand in our way as we decimate the earth,
To give that boy and girl everything they deserve.

Not the tears and the pain, not the anger and hate,
But the love and the hope to illuminate their fate.

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