When the World Stands Still

Every now and then when the world stands still
And two people fall in love at their own free will,
When they look forward to the future and forget about the past,
When they swear their love will always last,
When eyes come together and stare out at the blue sky,
When they wipe each other's tears when the other one cries,
When they take each other's hand through life's narrow way,
When ears are open to what the other has to say,
When hearts open up to the other one's needs,
When one follows while the other one leads,
When arms open wide for the other one to embrace,
When one puts a smile on the other one's face,
When lips say the words, "I love you," that are held so dear,
When one comforts while the other one fears,
When all these come together and are so right,
When all you think about is each other during those lonely nights,
When everything is perfect and destiny is known,
When those special times of caring will always be shown,
When love is a feeling that is ever so true,
This is the love that I have for you
When I feel your embrace within my arms,
When we shelter each other from all of life's harms,
When we wake in the morning and see each other's face,
We know that for us there is no other place
Promise me forever and I will give you eternity
I will do all that I can to keep you forever next to me
When our hearts came together and we fell at our own free will,
For one brief moment in time the world did stand still

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