When There Is No Hope but God

Sometimes there are places where no one can go,
But God alone who can help us make it through it all--
Sometimes we are on a journey that he alone can suffice to
Give us direction, a place of meaning, a person to lean on.
And it's in those times and places, he comes alongside--
When we call upon his name--and although, it's a small voice--
He hears us. And he has the hands for healing, for making right
What's been wrong before. He has the ability to take troubles,
And make right, what's been lost before--
For it's in those places, where no one can see us, or help us,
But God alone intervening for us. For he has what we need of--
He alone has the wisdom, the resources to
Do what it takes to get us to the other side of our need.
And that gives us direction. When we have none in ourselves alone--
So that will suffice. When it's beyond our control to take us there.
For God in Heaven sees and, knows everything about our life.
So the things that beset us when we have placed our life, our soul
In his care--he will do, what no other can ever do, with his
Great and almighty power, and strength making up the gap.
So it's for him to do when we are at wits end, and there is nothing
We can do, but to trust in his grace and mercy to survive--
And to go on another day, with his healing, and touch by
His holy spirit come alive, in our spirit, once again--
So we know it's him, by the way he has lifted us up again,
Enabled us to stand right again, healed, and made whole by
Our savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, is his name! Amen.

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