I’ll wait for tomorrow, like the guard awaits dawn,
It fills with ecstasy, the invaluable I adorn,
Yet as the sketchy morn dawns, yesterday reminds mourn
I shun to hail the sun, as yesterday startles scorn,
And curl up like a rose, on its ladder of thorn!
Wake me up when tomorrow comes.

The past ordeals sting, I’ve the scabs to show,
The natter professes sunshine after snow.
Yet my world dulls, it’ll make thee think swan a crow!
For the world shall never soothe, a truth to know.
Beaten up to a pulp, you rest not till you’re low.
Wake me up when tomorrow comes.

They mollify anxiety, “With you for life”
The “chums” pledge undying love, yet leave at fife
And the battle to win, alone you stifle strife.
For your life to thrive, fiercely you show knife
But Lo! I can’t wade snag, with perfidy rife
So, wake me up when tomorrow comes.

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Key Words : Desperation, depression, lost hope, better tomorrow, wake me up, when tomorrow comes

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem when I was in such a dark place. I remember doing all I could, to get successful in a certain event which according to me was life changing. I had been waiting for this event all my whole life! I finally had a change to change my life for the better. According to me and the people around me, I was the best fit. I spent days and days getting ready, but when it came to the day, I was not even mentioned as a participant or a failure. I was completely invisible. I looked back and counted situations after situations that were similar to this. Life is not fair. You could have the best qualifications, but fate determines whether you become successful. Failure delivers blow upon blow, cutting deep than a double edged sword. Failure removes layer after layer of your confidence, cutting deep into your already wounded soul like a butcher would veal, then you are left hopeless, beaten up to a pulp, unable to even picture how tomorrow shall be. \"When tomorrow comes\" is a cry of desperation. It is a cry of a drowning soul. I seem to want to go into an eternal slumber, not even having hopes of waking up tomorrow. I do not want to face any other day of despair. I do not want to wake up for another trial. Then I cry, if you think I can still crawl through my gloom, the WAKE ME UP, WHEN TOMORROW COMES.