When virus corona met old lady quarantine


Virus corona came knocking at old lady quarantine's
Door in 2020, it didn't matter if you're young or old
She hit our neighborhood's with no respect for age
Or Skin color and caused a lot of closure's
Of Schools and businesses and hurt people without
Jobs In the wallet, seems like younger kids didn't get
It as Bad, teenager's were hit some what more and
Older People with complications of breathing got
Hit the worse, some say we need masks others say
No, some say social distance works, maybe, one
Thing is for sure you can't get if it 's not close bye
Some say it creates blood clots in the lungs and
Blood thinners work the best. Some get it and don't
Sick, I have not heard of the spread of it from the
Big crowds at the riots of late. It's time for the
experts to say they were wrong so we can get back to
our lives, 50 percent recover, 200,000 have died
From a US population of 230,000,000, I feel for those
that have lost love ones
I have relatives and friends from coast to coast
with no virus corona amongst them, they say the
vaccine is coming soon, let's hope so, so America can
recover and prosper as before
And virus corona and old lady quarantine can
go back to sleep

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